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Speda TV
Speda TV
Ülke:  Kürdistan
Kategori: Dini
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Speda TV or Sepideh TV is an Islamic TV channel.
Ashur TV  Kürdistan - Genel
Ashur TV is an Assyrian-based satellite television channel that is affiliated with the Assyrian Democratic Movement political party.

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Tishk TV  Kürdistan - Genel
Tishk TV (Kurdish: تیشک تی ڤی‎) is one of the first Kurdish Satellite station broadcasting from Paris, France to Iran and Kurdistan. Tishk TV is a

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Sterk TV  Kürdistan - Haberler
Local Tv channel. Kurdish Tv Live.

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Gali Kurdistan Sat  Kürdistan - Genel
Gali Kurdistan Satellite Channel Is The Official Spokesman Of Patriotic Union Of Kurdistan Party Its First Kurdish News Channel.

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Komala TV  Kürdistan - Haberler
Komala TV is a TV channel for the Kurdish community located in sweden.

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Aso Sat  Kürdistan - Genel
Local Tv channel

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